Craig Muhammad

Craig Muhammad

Craig Muhammad has been incarcerated for approximately 34 years. During his incarceration, he has redefined the meaning of remorse, redemption and transformation. He has used his influence to bring many men out of gangs and to prevent gang violence. In addition to gang emancipation, violence interruption and mentoring he also has a passion to convene Victim/Community Impact Conferences throughout Baltimore’s inner city. In addition to his extensive experience as a K-12 Tutor, his accomplishments also include the following:

* 1989: B.S. Degree in Psychology from Coppin State University.

* 1996: Co-founded Prisoners Against Crime, Violence, Crime & Recidivism (a think tank of incarcerated alumni of the Coppin State University Extension Program)

* 1996: Co-developed A Media Forum on Key Solutions to Crime Violence & Recidivism at the Maryland State Penitentiary in conjunction with Coppin State University Alumni Association and Prisoners Against Crime (PAC/VCR) (The forum was moderated by Dr. Charles Ogletree, Professor of Law at Harvard University. Maryland Public Television recorded the town hall meeting for television)

* 1996: Co-founded the Looking Glass Lecture Series in conjunction with Loyola College

* 2001: Contributing author of Paper Thin, Soul Deep (Vantage Press, 2001), a collection of essays, personal letters & journal entries that conveys the Black experience

* 2004: Co-founded Families & Communities Empower People (FCEP) at the Maryland House of Correction in Jessup, Maryland (a youth organization developed in response to increasing violence at the Maryland facility)

* 2004: Co-founded Community Conscious Rap, Incorporated (a grassroots organization founded to address the many negatives that lead to crime, violence, recidivism, substance abuse, and other social ills)

* 2005: Co-organized a Proxy Voting Campaign at the Maryland House of Corrections to galvanize the voting strength of families and friends of incarcerated American citizens in Maryland

* 2010: Coordinated a Walk-a-thon for Peace at the Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, Maryland to benefit Community Mediation of Maryland

* 2010: Co-developed a Crime Symposium” at Roxbury Correctional Institution

* 2011: Co-developed a Victim Awareness Seminar at Roxbury Correctional Institution

* 2011: Coordinated a walk-a-thon to benefit the Maryland Criminal Injuries/Victims Compensation Board

* 2011: Coordinated a Legal/Social Awareness Seminar where he led an ad hoc committee titled, From Gang Member to Productive Citizen.